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Now You Can Get Your
Home Boarding
Quicker & Easier
Than You Think

Build Your Dog Business With The Best Forms & Templates All Done For You

Now You Can Get Your Home Boarding Business Licensed Quicker & Easier Than You Think

Build Your Dog Business With The Best Forms & Templates All Done For You

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Starting a New Dog Business?

When you have other people’s pets in your care, it’s only right that absolutely everything has to be by the book. All your paperwork needs to be watertight, from your business policies and documents to the forms and information you show to customers.

That’s why ensuring you have professional documentation for your business is a number one priority.

Your legal documents and business forms are the first impressions that a licensing officer and a customer will get of your business.

But putting all the right documents together for a successful business can be intimidating and time-consuming.

So what if you could get your hands on all the key documentation you need?

So what if you could get your hands on all the key documentation you need?

From legal and veterinary documents to customer order forms, privacy policy and Terms & Conditions?

All gathered together in a single, comprehensive bundle compiled by professional dog experts.

When it comes to caring for dogs, you’ve already got enough on your plate!

So let’s keep the paperwork part as simple and straightforward as possible ...

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The Ultimate Home Boarding Bundle

Your Personal Filing Cabinet of Essential Forms & Docs For a Professionally Run Business

Operations Manual (licensing)

This comprehensive 100pp+ operations manual sets out your policies and procedures and includes all the key forms to satisfy the most demanding of licensing officers. Now you can demonstrate you meet the strictest regulatory requirements.

Terms & Conditions

Every successful business demands a bedrock of supporting legal T&Cs. This cast iron 17 page documentation covers all the essentials you need to protect your business and keep you watertight from week to week.

Customer Booking Form

This form captures everything from the pet owner including emergency contact information, behavioural and medical questions, veterinary release form, as well as the legal stuff.

Veterinary Healthcare Agreement

This critical document summarises your policies, procedures and key health care information. It provides a framework agreement with your business vet for their isolation and ‘storage’ services. You can’t do without it.

Risk Assessments

Stay on top of the serious details! Key templates cover general pet care, canine diseases, U16s in the household, raw feeding and fire risks. Lots of heavy lifting done for you here. Tweak them for your own business and keep operating safely.

Total Business Package

Here’s all the essential documentation you need to get your home boarding business up and running. By the book!

All the documents and forms are here. All the hard work is done for you.

Key Forms

Need More Key Forms, Docs & Templates to Cover All Bases?

Your Personal Filing Cabinet of Essential Forms & Docs For a Professionally Run Business


Try This Ultra Practical Training Bundle

All professionally presented. All ready to go.

  • Training Policy

  • Self-appraisal form

  • Appraisal by objectives form

  • Training and CPD template

  • Knowledge Gap/training needs template

Paperwork For Every Eventuality

Never be without the form you need again!

  • Consent forms

  • General forms eg emergency evacuation, new dog trial record

  • Check lists eg customer and operational forms

  • Records eg daily routines, visual aide memoires

  • Legal

  • Policies & Procedures

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See For Yourself What You’ll Receive

Your Ultimate Home Boarding Bundle contains a wealth of practical resources to make your life easier. Check out these sample forms, policies and procedures to get a flavour of what you can expect.

Value Amplifier

Peace of Mind Begins When All Your Key Business Paperwork Is In Good Order

So why not save time and effort getting all the documentation you will need?


Every document you will receive takes account of the current regulatory landscape, including the Animal Welfare Regulations (England) 2018 and the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963.


Designed with you and your business in mind, this exclusive collection of resources strips away so much hassle and hard work. No more time-consuming delays! All the forms and info you need are here


Your Ultimate Home Boarding Bundle has been created by experts to provide a solid backbone for your business. Road-tested with local authorities, fully researched, and packed with practical details.


All your forms will be delivered in standard Word format, so you can easily tweak or update them as your business evolves. Suits most devices and systems, including the ones your customers use.


Here’s a detailed and professional portfolio of documents at a fraction of the price you’d pay to put it together yourself. Better still, everything is ready to go to work for you from Day One.


There’s weeks of research here, all gathered together in single download. When you have a library of resources at your fingertips, it’s so much easier to get on with the day-to-day running of your business.


Personal Story

Why The Ultimate Home Boarding Bundle Is Yours For The Taking Today

A no-nonsense story from one dog lover to another.

When you’re applying for your licence and working through the operational details it’s reassuring to have a helping hand.

So let me introduce myself.

I’m here to help you.

Read More

The Essential Offer

Getting your Ultimate Home Boarding Bundle Couldn’t be Easier

A single quick and easy download delivers a filing cabinet of essential docs and business-boosting templates.

Two simple options to choose from, depending on your needs.


Instant Access

You could be browsing through your new Home Boarding library of goodies in just a few moments from now.

  • Delivers generic forms

  • All editable and available now

  • £59

    Buy & Download Now

    Brand It First

    Get all your documents personalised, branded with your logo and tailored with your key brand colour.

  • Takes approximately 7 days

  • You’ll receive a short form requesting your business name, address, phone number, email and website/Facebook page link.

  • £79

    Buy & Brand-It Now


    What To Expect From Your Ultimate Home Boarding Bundle

    We’re good, but don’t just take our word for it.

    Our Customers Hail From Every Corner of The U.K.


    YOUR DogBusiness GUARANTEE

    Peace of mind. Right from the start.

    Making sure your business is backed up by all the key documentation is our number one priority. That’s why your Ultimate Home Boarding Bundle comes with a cast iron Guarantee.

    If any licensing related document we provide gets pushed back by your local authority, we will work with you until it gets approved –- at no extra cost to you.

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    Small Print

    What’s NOT Included in Your Ultimate Home Boarding Bundle

    Everything you could possibly need to make your home boarding business a success is here. However, there are one or two things you still need to produce as part of your licensing application. We always want to be transparent and to manage our customer’s expectations, so here is what’s not included in your licensing bundle

    A Floor Plan

    Your licensing officer will want to see a floor plan of your business.

    We recommend you use the plan to your home on Prime Location or RightMove (or similar) and mark it up.

    Or for an additional fee, we can do it for you.

    Your C.V.

    You’ll need a C.V. of relevant experience. Include any canine qualifications, experience and your canine related CPD. These can be added to your training record when you receive the template from me.


    Frequently Asked Qustions

    The last thing you need when setting up your pet care business is uncertainty. That’s why your Ultimate Home Boarding Bundle covers all possible bases.

    Your Operations Manual has already been road tested with hundreds of licensed pet carers and therefore its been reviewed (and approved) by numerous local authority inspectors, with a number commenting that they’re the best they’ve ever seen.

    It helps that our principal is a licensed operator and knows at first hand how important getting it right first time helps eliminate stress and wasted effort. He also runs several Facebook forums with over 16,000 pet care operators and is a representative of several businesses and trade associations, regularly attending Defra and CFSG chaired meetings - so he deals at first hand with many of the licensing and operating issues that typically arise across the Industry.

    Our document bundle also comes with our Guarantee that if a local authority inspector ever pushed back on paperwork we’ve supplied, we’d work with you at no cost to get it approved. Local foibles and all that.
    The Ts & Cs we supply have been drawn up by contractual law specialists to minimise risks. Everyone’s business, policies and practices may differ. We highlight areas in your Ts&Cs that you may want to personalise. How you personalise them is of course down to you. Each situation can expose you to possible points arising. Whilst our Ts & Cs have been endlessly road tested, the best advice we can give you, is to invest in running the final draft past your own solicitor and talking through the key points arising. There are no guarantees in life or small print, that’s why there are lots of solicitors.
    When it comes down to the licensing and operational documentation we supply, we know they’re fit for purpose - it’s been used by hundreds of businesses like yours. However, if you overlook some specific requirements and practices detailed in either the regulations or the licensing guidance like secured windows, poor boundary fencing, or a fish pond, then you might not have everything in place.

    We do however offer a telephone consultation service for licensing and business support matters, so if you want that experienced friendly guidance, please use us to help provide peace of mind.